Friday, November 16, 2007

November 16th

Nov 16th 9:30AM
He opened the door wearing only his boxer shorts and laid down on the floor where he had laid out blankets and pillows. I snuggled up next to him on the floor while he smoked his blunt. Then I started to kiss his chest, God I love that hairy chest! I worked my way down slowly, gotta make him want it! I started feeling on his hard dick through his shorts. I pulled them down a bit and slowly slipped his dick in my mouth. He moaned as I slid one hand down his dick and the other I wrapped around his back. As he ran his hand up and down my back he went into my pants and caressed my ass. To his surprise I had on a thong! I felt him pull my pants down and then he smacked me on the ass. Which made me suck his dick harder. He likes it when I lick that spot at the top of his dick, so I swirled my tongue around it a few times. Then I started in with the hand action. Up and down, while I wrapped my tongue around that spot every time I got close to the head. I started to caress his balls while I licked up and down his dick. More moans from him so I tighten my grip around his waist and sucked his dick faster. I wanted to try something different, so I slowly kissed him all the way down his dick until I got to his balls. Then I wet my tongue and gently licked them one at a time while stroking him. I think he was about to pop!
So I start to climb on top, put his hands on my hips and holds on cause I’m going for a ride!! As I’m going up and down he unbuttons my bra and lets my titties smack him in the face. Every time I rode up he’d try and lick one with tongue. His dick felt so good inside me I couldn’t take it any more. I buried my face into the couch and held on so tight to the couch cushions. Now with every movement upwards he gets smacked in the face with my huge titties. My moans turn into screams, I’m screaming his name over and over. Good thing all the neighbors were at work! The deeper I push him into me the better it feels cause his dick is hitting that spot! He came before I did, but that’s cool cause my man can keep on going even after he cums. So now his cum mixes with my juices and I just keep getting wetter and wetter. The wetter I get the deeper in I push his dick. By now I’m biting the couch cushion in between screaming his name. DAMN BOY! This shit feels so fucking good! As I cum and he can feel it running down his balls.
He think this means we are done for the morning. “OH NO! I want it from behind and make it hurt!” I tell him, then he smacks me on the ass and I move so he can enter my from behind. Uhh this is my favorite position. I love the way it feels when his balls smack up against my putty, and he goes in so deep I swear I can feel in up by my belly button. He grabs my hips and drives that dick in so hard and deep I scream his name! DAMN BOY!! He is going in and out each time trying to stick his dick in deeper into my putty. I reach down in between our legs, with my hand I’m gently caressing his balls while my thumb is playing with my clit. He pushes his dick so deep into my putty we both cum at the same time.
What a great way to start the day!